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Installing gutter

The professionals at Hans' Roofing and Siding, Inc. will help you keep the rain away from where it doesn't belong - your home's foundation and basement. Proper gutters and downspouts are critical elements in keeping your home safe and dry.


We use all seamless aluminum for our gutters - available in a myriad of colors - so you get a clean, professional look with every job we do. We always use 3”x4” downspouts, which handle a higher volume of water and empty gutters quickly in summer rains and during the spring thaw. These can lessen ice dams and ensure that all water is directed safely away from the foundation of your home.  


Hans’ Roofing and Siding, Inc. always uses the absolute best hangers on the market (we screw them in, as opposed to nailing them, in order to maximize the gutter's strength).

Keep The Rain Away With Help From Hans And His Crew

Keep your gutters running free with Raindrop

Gutter Guards

We use Raindrop Gutter Guards on almost all of the work we do. These gutter guards are extremely effective and almost invisible. Hans uses them on his own home and has installed them for hundreds of our satisfied customers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.


For more information about the Raindrop Gutter Guard System, please visit the company's website at

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Raindrop Gutter guard

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